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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – PQQ for Wright Watson Enterprise Centre

Q1. I am finding it difficult to contain my responses in the boxes provided. (Eg. Question 5 regarding management, supervisory and operational structures). When my response is longer than the box, the box does not expand to accommodate it. Must the response be contained by the box? If not, what is your preferred way of receiving longer responses? (Eg. Appendices with a page number eg. 23A).

A1. The answers to question must be contained within the box spaces. You may provide additional appendices but they must be referenced back to question number being answered. Please answer the questions and do not include any promotional or irrelevant materials.

Q2. This contract was advertised previously. Do I need to resubmit documents?

A2. Yes. Previously submitted documents will not form part of this procurement process. Please follow instructions on the contract notice published at OJEU site and PQQ document available from

Q3. I am finding difficulty in providing examples of works between the two value bands, which have been completed within the last three years. We have several examples within the last 5 years and we are currently working on two contracts which fall between the value bands. We have completed several of a lesser or higher value. Would you allow us to use any of the above, please?

A3. Unfortunately, you have to adhere to what is required in contract notice and PQQ.

Q4. I have just completed the PQQ questionnaire for the project, as the hardcopy is quite a large document will we need to place it in a sealed envelope or will a ring binder be ok ? Also is there any particular time it would be best to drop it off?

A4. Please provide document in a sealed envelope using the label provided. Please make sure it is submitted by the closing date and time on the contract document. Thornbury centre is open mostly between 8:30am and 5:30pm to be on the safe side deliver between 9am and 5pm so that you don’t have a wasted journey. At reception please ask for Inspired Neighbourhoods.

Q.5. I am in the process of completing the PQQ for the above proposed scheme. In Part 4 Queston 2 – Relevant Experience, I will providing the information as an attachment, is it ok to include pictures of the projects or do you just require the information in text only?

A5. Please provide information in to answer space provided. You may provide pictures and examples in the appendix or attachment as long as it is not excessive amount.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – ITT for Wright Watson Enterprise Centre

Q1. Just a quick initial question.  The contract period is stated in the preliminaries as 24 weeks but the start date of 2nd June and completion date of 28th November would make it 26 weeks ? Please could you confirm.

A1.The contract period is 26 weeks, 2nd June to 28th November.

Q2. Could you please advise what the estimated value is for Lot 2?

A2. The value for Lot2 is around £70K.


Pre-Qualification Questionnaire: Wright Watson Enterprise Centre

This Project Brief and PQQ is being made available by Inspired Neighbourhoods CIC to parties interested in submitting a response for Wright Watson Enterprise Centre, in accordance with the restricted procedure under the Public Contracts Regulations 2006.

PQQ – Wright Watson Enterprise Centre INCIC (7.2.2014)
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No later then12 Noon on: 12.3.2014